Germany: Diving into Urban-Rural Prejudice

In many Western countries, there is a significant divide between rural and urban attitudes. Does the same hold true for Germany?

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German Election: How the World Sees Merkel

Much of the world equates Germany with Angela Merkel. But what do Russians, Americans and others think about the chancellor? We compiled answers from eight countries.

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Federal Election: How Tolerant Are the Germans?

A representative survey of German attitudes taken one month before the country heads to the polls to elect a new parliament produces a surprising result in these times.

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Turkey: Germans Are Becoming More Skeptical of Turkey

A new survey shows that, amid rising tensions between Ankara and Berlin, German skepticism of Turkey is significant. That's bad news for tourism in the country.

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Atheism: The World's Most Godless Place

A pair of singers from the state of Saxony have built a chapel that is devoid of crosses and even an altar. It's a wedding business idea for atheist eastern Germany.

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Syria: Fear came with Hafez Assad

The revolution was not the cause of the war in Syria. Over the course of decades, the Assad family established a rigid system of fear – and it was ready to explode.

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EU Army: Cotton Candy Instead of Tanks

If the European Union had just one army, it would save member states 20 billion euros each year. Here's what that money could finance across Europe.

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Refugees: It Really Wasn't Merkel

Merkel's critics say the chancellor encouraged hundreds of thousands of people to flee to Germany. But the data tells a different story.

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Helmut Kohl: The Anti-Economist

Ahead of the European state funeral: The former German chancellor was better at economic policy than he is generally given credit for. At least, he was at one stage.

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Olaf Scholz: "I’m sorry for all of that"

How could a state temporarily lose control during the anti-G20 protests? An interview with Hamburg’s mayor, Olaf Scholz

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Turkish coup d’état attempt: "Surrender. Or Flee!"

One year ago, Turkish military officers made an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow President Erdoğan. What was really behind the bizarre coup attempt?

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Bank Branches: The Bank Is Closing

In the small town of Habichsthal in Lower Franconia the local bank branch is closing. Like many other branches, it is suffering from a lack of customers.

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Laufdorf: Lauf vs. Dorf: A Rural Idyll, Divided

The story of Laufdorf and its local soccer team is the epitome of German normalcy. Except for the conflict that tore the team apart 25 years ago.

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CIA: Trump's Darling

Gina Haspel, the new No. 2 at the CIA, played a leading role in the torture of terror suspects following 9/11. Now German lawyers are seeking criminal action against her.

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Cum-Ex Scandal: The Multibillion Euro Theft

Never before has the state lost so much money through tax trickery. How did the largest tax scandal in postwar German history come to pass? We have the details.

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Angela Merkel: Her Long Road to Trudering

The trans-Atlanticist Angela Merkel, of all people, thinks she has the right to pass judgment on America. The story behind an astonishing statement in a beer tent.

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Capitalism: Behind the Velvet Curtain

We are experiencing a St. Vitus’ dance of global capitalism that is providing an energetic impulse to populism.

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Biometrics : Lying Eyes

Samsung claims that its new Galaxy S8 smartphone has an extremely secure iris scanner. But as a security expert demonstrated to ZEIT ONLINE, it can easily be fooled.

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Nigel Farage: "They Will Always Hate Me"

Nigel Farage loves giving interviews. But if you ask him about his connections to Russia and about the consequences of Brexit, he'll put a stop to the conversation.

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Psychology: "Emotions Can Be Exhausting"

For the last several weeks, we have been asking our readers how they are doing. Psychologist Michael Boiger explains what insights can be found in the data.