Russia: "Putinism Works Through Fear"

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How does media censorship work in Russia? In an interview, secret service expert Andrei Soldatov speaks about fake news, torture and Kremlin propaganda.

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Debate on Censorship : The Myth of Artistic Freedom

The establishment often panics in the face of protests against sexist or racist works. Is it censorship? It's about questioning power structures in the art world.

Decathlon: Sewing on an Empty Stomach

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The French discount sporting goods chain Decathlon promises affordable prices while adhering to responsible labor practices. A surprise to seamstresses in Asia.

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Berlin Neukölln: Do you speak Hipster?

The Conservative Jens Spahn recently complained about people speaking too much English in Berlin-Neukölln. "The Guardian"-reporter Kate Connolly checked his theory.

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Great Britain: How to exit from Brexit

Prime Minister May remains intent on negotiating Brexit. But many Britons continue to hope that the UK will remain in the EU. Is that still a possibility?

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Refugees: It Really Wasn't Merkel

Merkel's critics say the chancellor encouraged hundreds of thousands of people to flee to Germany. But the data tells a different story.

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Syria: Fear came with Hafez Assad

The revolution was not the cause of the war in Syria. Over the course of decades, the Assad family established a rigid system of fear – and it was ready to explode.

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Transatlantic Relations: Superpower EU? No thank you!

Does Europe really have to bid farewell to the US and assume world leadership? Those who call for it overlook our continent’s deep divisions.

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Human Spaceflight: "We’ll be the first"

It's space race reloaded. SpaceX and Boeing are competing to build the next generation spacecraft. Boeing chief developer John Mulholland says his company will win.

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Climate Conference in Bonn: The German Blowhards

When it comes to climate policy, Angela Merkel isn't much better than Donald Trump: Both are doing far too little. The reckoning for this lack of action is approaching.

Transatlantic Partnership: Europe's Illusions

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Trump is not America. That is why Germany will remain the most important European nation for the USA. A Response to Jörg Lau's and Bernd Ulrich's America Criticism

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Bank Branches: The Bank Is Closing

In the small town of Habichsthal in Lower Franconia the local bank branch is closing. Like many other branches, it is suffering from a lack of customers.

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Laufdorf: Lauf vs. Dorf: A Rural Idyll, Divided

The story of Laufdorf and its local soccer team is the epitome of German normalcy. Except for the conflict that tore the team apart 25 years ago.

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#MeToo: Are You In?

All men are predators and all women are victims: Is there some truth to that statement? Dating etiquette isn't my thing, but I have some ideas to make things better.

Foreign policy: Something New in the West

Last week twelve renowned foreign policy experts demanded that Germany not separate itself from the U.S. This is the wrong approach, respond Jörg Lau and Bernd Ulrich.

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Angela Merkel: Her Downfall Will Come

The world is evil, things at home are fine. Such was the German perception under Merkel. She may still be chancellor, but her apolitical style has lost its clout.

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German election: The Panic Orchestra

Timid centrist politicians allowed right-wing doomsayers to hijack this election campaign. No one spoke for cosmopolitan Germans. That needs to change. Now.

Germany: Diving into Urban-Rural Prejudice

In many Western countries, there is a significant divide between rural and urban attitudes. Does the same hold true for Germany?

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German Election: How the World Sees Merkel

Much of the world equates Germany with Angela Merkel. But what do Russians, Americans and others think about the chancellor? We compiled answers from eight countries.