European Union: Europe awakes

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Tired, old, worn out – that was the image many Europeans had of their continent. But things are changing since Donald Trump took office in the US.

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Robert Silvers: The Paper

Robert Silvers, one of the world’s most influential editors, died this week. In 2014, he talked to ZEITmagazin about "The New York Review of Books", his life’s work.

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Donald Trump: The Stressed States of America

Insomnia, addiction to news, fear of you-know-who: The U.S. has become psychologically instable – to a degree that therapists have never seen before.

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Facebook: Are You Serious, Mark?

Facebook founder Zuckerberg preaches values. Those values were ignored in a case against the platform that a Syrian refugee lost. An open letter to the company's CEO.

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Marine Le Pen: Blind Spot

What if Marine Le Pen becomes president of France? Europeans think it may happen. They have fears it could. But they have no strategy to deal with it, if it does.

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Ayn Rand: Trump's Favorite Intellectual

Libertarian novelist Ayn Rand still sells millions of books in the U.S. years after her death. Why is she so highly admired in the White House?

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Bundestag Elections: War without blood

A man in the Crimea wants to plunge Germany into chaos with fake news, hackers are attacking Germany's federal government. There's struggle around the Bundestag election

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Nato: A Military Upgrade for America?

The fact that Donald Trump wants Germany to spend more money on its military has become a campaign issue. But what good would that that do?

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Fake News: Macron Is Gay, Not!

After a Russian website claimed that French presidential candidate Emanuel Macron is gay, the entire world began talking about it. The reconstruction of a fake news item.

XKeyscore: A Dubious Deal with the NSA

Internal documents show that Germany's domestic intelligence agency received the coveted software program XKeyscore from the NSA and promised data from Germany in return.

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Transatlantic relations: Yankee Goes Home

For 70 years, foreign policy strategists have counted heavily on the U.S. Now, the superpower is turning away from Europe. What's left of the trans-Atlantic relationship?

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Ukraine: No Entry!

How journalists are prevented by travel bans and surveillance from reporting on the Ukraine conflict.

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Donald Trump: America Is Destroying Itself

Even before Trump’s rise, many Americans had their doubts about their country’s democracy. And for good reasons. A journey through a damaged country.

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Ahmet Sik: "No one can hold power forever"

Turkish journalist Ahmet Şık has been imprisoned – again. In court, he defended himself with a speech denouncing the AKP and the Gülen movement. We publish his speech.

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First Family: The Obamas Next Door

The Obamas brought grandeur to the White House, particularly because they lived there is if there was nothing special about it.

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