Capitalism: Behind the Velvet Curtain

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We are experiencing a St. Vitus’ dance of global capitalism that is providing an energetic impulse to populism.

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Biometrics : Lying Eyes

Samsung claims that its new Galaxy S8 smartphone has an extremely secure iris scanner. But as a security expert demonstrated to ZEIT ONLINE, it can easily be fooled.

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Nigel Farage: "They Will Always Hate Me"

Nigel Farage loves giving interviews. But if you ask him about his connections to Russia and about the consequences of Brexit, he'll put a stop to the conversation.

Psychology: "Emotions Can Be Exhausting"

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For the last several weeks, we have been asking our readers how they are doing. Psychologist Michael Boiger explains what insights can be found in the data.

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Cyberattack on the Bundestag: Merkel and the Fancy Bear

In 2015 hackers spent weeks spying on the Bundestag's computer network. How did they do it? The following is a reconstruction of a spectacular intelligence operation.

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France: Ne nous quittez pas!

Don’t leave us! Dear French people, we need you – and you need us, too. A political love letter.

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Ukraine: Corruption Inc.

Corruption from parliament to the president: Petro Poroshenko abuses his power, strong-arms the media and sabotages reforms in Ukraine.

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Front National: Laughable, But Still Dangerous

What might France look like under a Front National government? The town of Hayange provides a glimpse. Mayor Fabien Engelmann governs the town like a madman.

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Anatolia: In the Land of the Yes-Men

The most dedicated supporters of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan live in Anatolia. Why do they offer him such unswerving loyalty?

XKeyscore: A Dubious Deal with the NSA

Internal documents show that Germany's domestic intelligence agency received the coveted software program XKeyscore from the NSA and promised data from Germany in return.

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Berlin Attack: "An Attack is Expected"

The German authorities knew a lot about the Tunisian Anis Amri. Actually, almost everything. Nevertheless, he was able to commandeer a truck and kill twelve people.

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Terrorism: Is This Our War On Terror?

Donald Trump is escalating his bombing campaign in the Middle East – and going easy on the regimes that allowed terrorism to flourish there in the first place.

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Green party: What’s Green and Has No Voters?

They’ve already crashed out of the Saarland parliament, could the Bundestag be next? The environmentalist party is fighting for its political survival.

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Brexit: Yes, you will suffer as well

Bankrupt regions, impoverished hospitals, overcrowded prisons: Brexit will affect everybody in Europe. And yet nobody is taking responsibility for the mess.

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European Union: Europe awakes

Tired, old, worn out – that was the image many Europeans had of their continent. But things are changing since Donald Trump took office in the US.

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Robert Silvers: The Paper

Robert Silvers, one of the world’s most influential editors, died this week. In 2014, he talked to ZEITmagazin about "The New York Review of Books", his life’s work.