I have known Professor Robert Havermann for a number of years. I consider him to be an able and outstanding scientist, who is searching for the truth in an honest and ethical way. I support him in the critical statements that he has made.

It is essential that individuals have the freedom to discuss social, political, economic, and ethical issues freely. Any country in which this freedom of discussion is not allowed has to be described as an oppressive dictatorship, not fit to survive in the new world of morality and democracy that we are trying to build.

I urge that you take immediate action to revoke the unjust and improper dismissal of Professor Havermann from his research post in the German Academy of Sciences.

Sincerely yours,

mjh Linus Pauling

Sieben Professoren der Freien Universität Berlin haben sich in einem Telegramm für Professor Havemann eingesetzt. Ein Plädoyer für den gemaßregelten Wissenschaftler richtete auch der amerikanische Nobelpreisträger Linus Pauling an den Ostberliner Akademiepräsidenten Professor Hartke.

21. Februar 1966