Aus dem Pressematerial der Deutschen Botschaft Tokio

The young Kiesinger was himself a legal assistant... He hoped for a professorship, but then came 1933 and the National Socialists came to power. Only a short time later, the young Kiesinger became a member of the party, being urged to join by some of his friends. He distenced himself from the Nazi professional Organisation, despite the fact that this could not be to his advantage. He had to dispense with his dream of becoming a professor, for Kiesinger resisted every attempt to falsify objective theory by means of Opportunist party ideology. The prospects of his being successful in a lawyer’s practice of his own wer? remote, because of. his great indifference to the allpowerful party. He remained a private tutor.

In 1940, Kiesinger was put to work in the foreign ministry – as a specialised assistant in the department of radio propaganda. In November 1944, he was denounced by party spies. The principal allegatien made against has was that he sabotaged antisemitic propaganda. The documents also reveal that after the failure of the revolt of July 20, 1944, he made every effort to re-organise the resistance on new lines. Witnesses confirm that he tried to assist the politically persecuted in every way he could.

Nevertheless, when he returned to his family in 1945, he was interned by the Americans and kept in "automatic arrest" for eighteen months. The final result of his clearance confirms quite simply that "he resisted the Nazi regime both actively and effectively" ...

Even at his early juncture, it is possible to say that he is the German government head of the postwar period, with whom idealism and realism, instinct and pragmatic commonsense, brilliance and precision in the formulation of intentions, are to be found intermingled in a way which was absent in his predecessors.

He is an educated man in the füllest sense of – the Expression. With him, power and intellect – are not- – in a state of reciprocal contempt, but much rather, exercise a. complementary influence, the one an the other.