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© Anna Thut

Registrations: The first steps

Moving to Germany involves a lot of bureaucracy. Students share how to prepare in advance so you can hit the ground running.

© Jan Philip Welchering

Nightlife: Party Hard

Invited to a German student party at a shared apartment and unsure what to wear and how to behave? Nine commandments

© Roman Pawlowksi

Knowledge: By the book(s)

German university libraries were hallowed halls for centuries. Now, they’re bending old rules and evolving as spaces for modern ways of learning and meeting.

© Monika Höfler (l.); Robert Rieger

Professionals: Work in progress

Tackling the language and business basics can be tough. But a job in Germany bolsters a résumé and offers perks, too. Four foreigners about feeling at home

© Danish Siddiqui/​Reuters

#MeToo: Verpfeif dein Schwein

In vielen Ländern der Welt entlud sich während der #MeToo-Debatte die Wut der Frauen. Was folgte daraus? Unsere Autorinnen und Autoren berichten.