European Union: Hungary Is Lost

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Viktor Orbán is destroying Hungary's democracy. The institutions, the legal system and the social fabric are nothing but a pile of rubble. And the EU let it happen.

Europe Talks: Now, Europe Is Talking!

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Would you like to meet a European neighbor who has a different view of the world? Then participate in "Europe Talks" – along with thousands of other Europeans.

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Ukraine: The Dead of the Maidan

Five years ago today, a man died during the Euromaidan revolution. Our reporter was standing next to him. Now, he wants to find out who the man was and why he died.

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Deportation: The Undaunted

Swedish activist Elin Ersson is facing legal action due to her attempt to protect an Afghan asylum seeker from deportation. Did she make the right decision?

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Chronic Pain: Nele Is Hurting

Ever since she was seven, Nele's legs and joints have been in pain. Every single day. Doctors still don't know why. Some think she is faking it.

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Bucharest: City of Sighs

It's often said that Bucharest is ugly, loud and dirty -- and it is. But it's more than that. It's a city you can fall hopelessly in love with.

Sigmund Jähn: Why isn't This Man a Hero?

Forty years ago, Sigmund Jähn became the first German to travel into space. But he did so on behalf of East Germany. Is that why he isn't honored in today's Germany?

Kenya: Mentally Ill, Alone and Forgotten

There is only one psychiatrist in Kenya per 500,000 people and the mentally ill are often locked up rather than treated. But there are paths out of the crisis.

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Financial Crisis: A System for the Elite

The financial crisis of 2008 was no fluke and today, little has improved. Bankers and investors are still driven by the same ideology that led us over the cliff.

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Financial Crisis: An oligopoly of giant banks

The chance for structural reforms of the banking sector was missed in 2008. We know what that means: When things get serious, we are all on the hook.