Serie: Deutschland spricht

"Germany Talks": It's Impossible to Talk to You!

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Or is it? Our writer tries to engage in constructive debate with a Green Party member, a conspiracy theorist and even with a neo-Nazi. Can such a thing work?

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High School in Alabama: What Happened To You Guys?

A former German exchange student returns to the city where he attended high school a decade earlier. What he finds is a microcosm of the problems facing America.

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Financial Crisis: A System for the Elite

The financial crisis of 2008 was no fluke and today, little has improved. Bankers and investors are still driven by the same ideology that led us over the cliff.

Financial Crisis: An oligopoly of giant banks

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The chance for structural reforms of the banking sector was missed in 2008. We know what that means: When things get serious, we are all on the hook.

Sigmund Jähn: Why isn't This Man a Hero?

Forty years ago, Sigmund Jähn became the first German to travel into space. But he did so on behalf of East Germany. Is that why he isn't honored in today's Germany?

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Syria: The Return

Rubble where homes once stood. Death where life once flourished. Our author fled Syria as a young man. What would it be like to return now?

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Bucharest: City of Sighs

It's often said that Bucharest is ugly, loud and dirty -- and it is. But it's more than that. It's a city you can fall hopelessly in love with.

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Mosul: Where the Smell of Death Still Lingers

Islamic State was driven out of Mosul a year ago, but life in the Iraqi city is still desolate. Many residents are afraid the terrorists will one day return.

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European Union: Are We Still Good Europeans?

Simply retreating behind national borders is not an adequate response to the challenges of our time. Why the people of Europe have left the political elite behind.

L'Italia si parla: "Italy Is Not Germany"

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In Italy, some 70 people with differing political views recently met up for face-to-face discussions. They included Anna Albanese and Enrico Verno.

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Serie: Überland

Bank Branches: The Bank Is Closing

In the small town of Habichsthal in Lower Franconia the local bank branch is closing. Like many other branches, it is suffering from a lack of customers.

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Serie: Heimatreporter

Laufdorf: Lauf vs. Dorf: A Rural Idyll, Divided

The story of Laufdorf and its local soccer team is the epitome of German normalcy. Except for the conflict that tore the team apart 25 years ago.

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Greece: "Ms. Merkel Could Be More Audacious"

Crisis in Italy, eurozone reform and the end of the Greek bailout program after eight years: Greek Finance Minister Tsakalotos says Germany needs to show more courage.

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Serie: Überland

The Leutra Valley: An Autobahn Disappears

For decades, one of the dirtiest highways in the country led through a nature conservation area near Jena. It recently got dismantled, but has nature retuned?

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Sexism: A New Desire for Refugee Porn

With up to 800,000 search requests monthly, demand for porn clips starring refugees is growing in Germany and abroad. It's revolves around exoticization and submission.

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Finland: The Basic Income Experiment Hasn't Failed

Finland's basic income experiment hasn't produced results yet, but experts are already suggesting the money be made conditional. We checked in with the project's leader.

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Syria: Bombed into Obedience

Syria lies in rubble and the Assad regime, certain of victory, is allowing journalists to visit again to see how peaceful things are. But the horrors are everywhere.