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"In the End, We Could Be a Country Like Canada"

What will become of the Britain after Brexit? Lord Waldegrave says there is a risk that the UK will break up. But it could find a future as a successful middleweight.

Elections in Eastern Germany: Nothing Is Lost

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Even if the anger and pain are intense given that a quarter of eastern German voters support right-wing radicals, the East still passed the maturity test in 2019.

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The Halle Attack: He's Not Alone

It's been said that the Halle terrorist was a lone wolf. Yet he adopted the same narrative espoused by right-wing populists in talk shows.

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Ocean Vuong: The Chameleon

The release of Ocean Vuong's novel this year was a major literary event. An interview with the author about Vietnam, Asian stereotypes and loneliness on the school bus.

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British Youth: Thank You, Boris!

With Theresa May as prime minister, many young Britons lost interest in Brexit. Boris Johnson has reawakened them to the threat.

Ian McEwan: "I Do Not Think That We Will Leave"

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Ian McEwan's new novel features life-like androids and the Beatles playing bad music. In the "ZEIT Bühne" podcast, the author discusses science fiction and Brexit.

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Market Economy: The Superrich Endanger Democracy

It's easy to influence politics with a lot of money, and civil society is often just a nuisance. In the U.S., the problem is everywhere, but Europe is catching up.


Elections in the EU: Europe from Left to Right

We've analyzed recent election results in over 80,000 regions of Europe. And we found many patterns – from the radical left to the extremist right. Find your community.

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Surrogate Mothers in Greece: "It's Not Her Baby"

Greek women carry babies to term for childless couples in Germany, allegedly completely legally. We found some of these surrogate mothers and discovered a murky industry.