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What have years of polarization over Islam, integration, immigration and flight done to the people of Germany and Europe? It turns out that such issues occupy the minds of many – even in their most intimate moments.

Reporting by ZEIT ONLINE shows that the phenomenon of "refugee pornography" has become virulent in Germany and in other European societies since 2015. Demand for pornographic videos that depict refugee women having sex is growing, with large internet pornography platforms registering a greater number of searches, especially during peak periods of political debate.

Sites like PornHub, xHamster and RedTube allow users to use search terms to find pornos. And since 2015, an increasing number of those users have been typing words like "refugees" into the search field and pulling up videos in which refugee women, or porn actresses depicting refugee women, are subjected to humiliation.

ZEIT ONLINE has obtained data sets pertaining to the consumption of these specialized pornographic genres and has analyzed them together with statistics experts and sexologists.

What Is Refugee Porn?

The genre is focused largely on heterosexual pornography. The theme of most refugee porn is that of the mysterious, foreign woman who is seduced, conquered and dominated – mostly by white men. In some cases, new keywords were simply added to older internet clips after 2015. The credits for one video, for example, show that it was made in 2003 and that its was newly uploaded in 2017 with the keywords "refugee" and "Syrian." It shows a Caucasian man having sex with a woman wearing a headscarf.

But new pornographic material that is geared specifically toward this new market is also being created. The films include women who appear to be real Syrians speaking Arabic.

Porn star and producer Antonio Suleiman has set up shop in Berlin. The Syrian national has placed a huge number of ads on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram advertising the refugee porn he has produced in Germany. ZEIT ONLINE was unable to reach him with an interview request, but Suleiman is a prime example of the fact that this new porn-scene niche tends to be young and that it is responding to the demands of the German porn market.

The videos in question, though, are also being made in other Western countries, especially in the United States. One video in which English is spoken shows a Syrian woman as she is penetrated by a "Caucasian man." The title of the clip: "Syrian Refugee Sucks Huge White Cock for Dinner Money." By the end of April, the video had been streamed 420,000 times. The most popular comment was posted by a user named ghostwalker, who complained that refugee women these days were shaving their pubic hair. Another user in Germany wrote: "Refugee pussy is welcome here."

How Often Are These Kinds of Things Viewed in Germany?

PornHub, the world's largest provider of pornographic content on the internet, provided a written response stating that the refugee porn phenomenon was a "very delicate matter." The company, based in Canada, stated that although there is a connection between political polarization and the consumption of pornography, PornHub, which has over 2 billion unique monthly visits worldwide, did not want to provide any data relating to the matter.