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Those living in the European Union are directly affected by the policies passed in Brussels and, as a result, usually have a clear opinion of the EU. For some, it is a vast project for peace that guarantees security, economic prosperity and freedom of movement. Others are frustrated by the Brussels bureaucracy and would like to see more power returned to individual member states. They, along with European politicians, argue about border controls, about genetically modified crops and about what the EU should ultimately be.

But what about those who view the EU from the outside? What is the EU for them?

On the eve of this year's European elections, we want to know what you, as someone with an external view of Europe, think: Are you living outside of Europe? How do you see the bloc? How has your view of the EU changed since you left Europe? Do you even follow what is going on in the EU?

Or perhaps you live in Europe, but are not a citizen of an EU member state? What is your daily life like? What kinds of problems do you face and how do you see the European bloc?

Please share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comment section, by email or via the embedded form. Because we want to present some of the comments we receive on our Instagram account @zeit, we would be grateful if you could also send in a photo of yourself either by email or via the embedded form. Images should be square (with an ideal size of 1080 x 1080 pixels).