In her interview to the special correspondent of the Caucasian Knot, Anna Politkovskaya commented on Ramzan Kadyrov's carrier prospects and the stormy construction activities unfolded in the restless Russian province on the eve of the jubilee of Chechnya Prime Minister. On Thursday, October 5, Kadyrov reached his 30 years - the age, at which he may become president under the Chechen Constitution.

"Despite the universal beastliness, set up by journalists who went in plenty to lick the known places in Tsontoroj and all our rest insane Russian VIP-managers, who found it a great honour to celebrate a 30 year jubilee of a certain individual premier of a tiny republic, I think that Kadyrov has poor prospects," Anna Politkovskaya spoke in a confident voice.

"I can't know whether Putin wants to appoint him president of Chechnya or not. But I think it will not be done for many reasons - I'll confine myself to this formula only." Ramzan Kadyrov himself, according to her words, "just lusts after" being officially appointed to be the head of Chechnya, "he is dreaming of it."

During the latest months, Chechnya has been scaling up construction of various objects - schools, roads, houses, fountains. Some of them, in particular "Severny" airport in Grozny, were solemnly opened right on Ramzan Kadyrov's birthday. During the construction of the most meaningful objects the premier declared that he was taking the process "under personal control."

"His "personal control" was expressed only through his forcing other people with arms and threats to pay for this construction, since it was not funded from the federal budget," Anna Politkovskaya stated.