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ZEIT Germany

The ZEIT GERMANY family of magazines is expanding. In two unique titles, each published annually, you’ll find everything you need to know about moving to Germany to study, research in a field of science, pursue a corporate career, or even start your own business.

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People: Expeditions

Bulawayo to Bremen, Paris to Darmstadt: Two researchers from abroad share their stories.

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Registrations: The first steps

Moving to Germany involves a lot of bureaucracy. Students share how to prepare in advance so you can hit the ground running.

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Knowledge: By the book(s)

German university libraries were hallowed halls for centuries. Now, they’re bending old rules and evolving as spaces for modern ways of learning and meeting.

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Students: Vox Pops

University students in Berlin talk about their outfits, their studies, and their lives – on campus and off.

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Network: The inside track

It’s hard to mingle and network with Germans? Not at all – if you learn how the system works.

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Learning: Passing the test

In Germany, test anxiety is so prevalent that there’s even a word for it. But what exactly is Prüfungsangst, and how are universities helping students to cope?

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Words: Glossary Of Terms

German academia is complicated. Key terms to help cut through the jargon

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Language: Oh! So German!

One of the trickiest German words of all is also one of its shortest: Ach. ZEIT’s culture critic takes a stab at explaining it. And oh, we do our best to translate.

How to make it in Germany

You would like to know more about working, living or studying in Germany? Join our free online workshop and explore your options!

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Hip-Hop: "I don't expect applause"

The rapper Sookee is fighting for more inclusion in society. ZEIT Germany talks with hip-hop’s voice against the far-right.

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Programs: Drafting Degrees

Beer has made a global comeback with the explosion of craft brewing. What better place to study the art of brewing than the land of Oktoberfest and Hefeweizen?

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Nightlife: Party Hard

Invited to a German student party at a shared apartment and unsure what to wear and how to behave? Nine commandments

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Research: Research this!

From climate change to after-work parties in the Stone Age: All over Germany, unusual research projects are underway.

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Politics: "A great compliment"

Monika Grütters, Commissioner for Culture and Media, talks with ZEIT Germany about the country’s history, her own sentimentality, and why Berlin is the new New York.

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Jobs for bright minds

Discover academics – the leading job market and career guide for science and research in Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

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Culture: Deutschland In Eleven Words

Moving to a new country is always hard. Fortunately, the German mentality isn’t as complex as it first appears. In fact, you can understand it in just eleven words.